Tanzifat Warood AlBahrain – Pest Control and Cleaning Service in Bahrain

We are giving you a remarkable service to clean your marble floor or wall. After long time use of marble floor or wall it becomes dirty and spotty. Our one time marble cleaning process gives you ultra-reflective and cleaned shiny marble, it look shiny even in small width between two marble.
Our marble cleaning process is divided into four steps:
Grinding: Its most effective and dynamic step known as lippage removal or flattening. This step removes all ledges, roughness and brings a flat view and feel in marble floor. This step also removes deepest scratches and dirt or stains.
Honing: Honing is step of floor restoration which brings up more shine in marble floor or wall. Honing will also remove scratches and stains or dirt to gives you a uniform feel in marble floor with a shiny look.
Polishing: Polishing is the main step to give shiny look to your floor. We polish the marble floor or wall after honing. It’s the basic factor that turns your old marble floor or wall into new.
Buffing/Crystallization: Buffing process is the last step of marble restoration that make your marble floor wall ready to use with a new shiny and clean look. It makes the fresh look of your old marbles. It removes all stains, dirt and scratches completely.