Tanzifat Warood AlBahrain – Pest Control and Cleaning Service in Bahrain

Floor cleaning consist of three basic types of floors including

  • Wood Floor

In our wood floor cleaning process

We clear the floor of any furniture that is easy to move.

Clean all loose dirt and debris by using sweep or vacuum where it need.

Mop the floor, with use of water of sanitize liquid of high quality, different types for different floors.

Buff the floor with a soft textile material to remove any soapy residue. That gives your floor a shine and sense of sanitized cleanliness.

If pest control is required then we have our pest control team to serve you insect less floor after processing with pest control system.


  • Tile and Stone Floor

That is common type of floor specialized for kitchens, stairs and bathrooms. Its cleaning process is based on three steps:

In the first step we remove all dirt or dust using vacuum cleaner or broom.

Then we wash floor with cleaning solution or sanitizing spray bottle to approaching highest quality of cleanliness for your floor.

After that we spray the tiles and stone small area where a mop could not reach.

After completing sanitizing process we clean the floor with a mop and scrub the floor for its finishing touch where pest control is required, our pest control team is ready there to serve you with shining floor without any insect.


  • Vinyl Composite Tile Floor

VCT is common type of floor for commercial use. We clean this floor using cleaning bucket and mop with a wet clothe. After that we coat a floor with polymer coating to give its finishing touch where it need. After that we sanitize your floor for pest control where it needed.

We are giving you all over Bahrain Service for Wood Floor, Tile Floor, Stone Floor or Vinyl Composite Tile Floor Cleaning and Polishing.