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Tanzifat Warood Al Bahrain

Cleaning and Pest Control serving you since 2002

About Us

Dedicated to satisfy all of our customers through our quick, well founded and professional service. We are based on highly skilled staff. Client Satisfaction is our focus which brings us leading cleaning service in Bahrain. We offer a wide range of services to our valued clients.

We are serving you through years of extra ordinary skill. We’ve successfully served thousands of clients with 100% satisfaction, ranging from residential property, commercial property, schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Our skilled persons are ready to provide you our foremost service on your door 24/7.



In our business era of last 16 years duration, we have served a great numbers of our valued clients with complete satisfaction which is our business aim and reason behind our familiarity all over the Bahrain. People know us as most reliable and leading cleaning company and pest control service in Bahrain.


Team Effort

Our team effort to be us leading is admirable and apparent. We work with team support to gives you extra ordinary work performance.



Providing Superior services to our valued customers to be a leading company of Cleaning and Pest Control in Bahrain.



Committed towards offering the superlative standards of cleaning services with trustful professional cleaners.



Our goal is to be the most excellence company that provides the best Cleaning and Pest Control services all over the Bahrain.